Jon Stewart: Jews, Easter is kicking our asses!


Jon Stewart compares Easter and Passover (Comedy Central)

Whenever Passover and Easter fall on the same weekend, the imminent “which one is better” question always comes up. I mean, you can’t really compare the two, but you kind of have to, just for the hang of it. And honestly, as Jon Stewart talked about in last night’s “Daily Show,” the Jews are usually on the losing side, as far as how the children see it, of course.

If the odds are with the Christians in the Christmas vs. Chanukah battle (birth of savior vs. oil lasting longer than it would normally last), it seems that in the Easter vs. Passover round, the Jews are at least offering a more attractive product. But as Stewart testifies, “if you get the children, you win,” and that’s how Easter is “kicking our ass.”

How? Pretty simple. How do you mention the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ? With a basket of eggs filled with candy, chocolate bunnies, and more candy. How do Jews celebrate their freedom from slavery. With a plate that has a horseradish root, a lamb bone and a real egg. Not an egg with chocolate in it. And egg with egg in it. Whoomp.

So what should the Jews do to regain the lead? Adapt Passover, of course!


Watch the video, I’m excited for Passover 2013 already.


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