Is Amanda Bynes the new LiLo?


TMZ/LA County Sheriff

Remember Amanda Bynes? The adorable Jewish actress who starred in Nickelodeon’s sketch show “All That,” and later had her own television show titled “The Amanda Show,” and other television and movies?

Apparently her lack of work has made her quite the trouble maker.

In March Bynes ran away from a cop while he was writing her a ticket in L.A. Last Thursday, Bynes was arrested for a DUI after she attempted to pass a cop car and and sideswiped the right panel of the cruiser. Whoops. She was arrested and ended up with a mugshot showing off her shiny pink hair.

TMZ reports that like many classic criminals, Bynes actually returned to the crime scene and wanted to continue to party at a bar with her friends but got the boot because of her shenanigans of the night before.

Since “Easy A” was her last feature film, back in 2010, the blog is wondering — is it possible that such a nice Jewish girl can step into the large, intoxicated shoes of Lindsay Lohan?

I hope not, I’ve been waiting for a “She’s the Man” sequel for six years!


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