Adam Sandler’s recent movie is about statutory rape



Should “That’s My Boy” title change to “That’s my boy… I Got Through Statutory Rape”?

A few months ago we reported about Adam Sandler’s and Andy Samberg’s newest feature film, in which Sandler once again plays a grown man who acts like a boy, with Samberg being his son from an affair Sandler’s character had as a 13-year-old had with a teacher. (Andy, please, do not become the new Adam Sandler.)

While the movie hasn’t exactly been more eagerly anticipated than an average Sandler movie, the trailer released almost two months ago spurred criticism of the film for featuring statutory rape, as the Sandler character (Donny) and the teacher had sex prior to the character’s 18th or even 14th birthday.

Fox News quotes Dan Gainor, VP of business and culture for the Media Research Center, who says “Hollywood is becoming so dysfunctional that it can’t even produce humor without being crass and twisted. Since when did child molestation and rape become the stuff of humor?”

So what do you think, has Sandler got too far?

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