How to upset Scarlett Johansson in one easy step


I wonder if ScarJo would smile if she knew her picture is taken (Sono Pazzi / CC)

Step one: Take her picture without asking. That’s it.

The “Avengers Assemble” star talked to the New Review and said that she can’t stand it when people just take a picture while she is trying to enjoy a private moment with friends or family.

“I’m constantly surprised by how rude people are. You’ll be having an intimate dinner with a friend and there’s somebody on the table behind with a camera phone pointing at your face. I think, ‘I would never take a photo of someone without asking’. I’m not traumatized by it but I find it can bring out the worst in humanity sometimes.”

Though ScarJo could be criticized for her lack of understanding of what a “public figure” is, it is important to note that her sensitivity could be informed by how nude photos of her were leaked to the internet and how, to her surprise, she “starred” on the Spanish-language business card of a sex shop.

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