Reprehensible stand in Ulpana


To the Editor:

As a Jew and longtime and vocal supporter of Israel, I am compelled to label the seizure of Arab land in Ulpana as a morally reprehensible act reminiscent of the Nazi policies of Aryanization carried out in the 1930s and 1940s. If the land is the legal possession of an Arab or his/her family, then it should remain in their possession. To expropriate this property is a short-sighted action that is certain to provide credible support to those who seek to delegitimize the Jewish state.

Have Jews forgotten their long history of similar actions taken against them and their families?

Such illegitimate actions by the Israeli government and those Israelis who believe they have the right to steal Arab land will undermine the status and loyalty of every Arab Israeli. If Israel is to serve its role as a light onto all nations, then it needs to end such a misguided and abhorrent policy.

Dennis Laffer
Tampa, Fla.

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