NY brothel ‘madam’ tried to appoint Uri Geller’s son as her lawyer


Daniel and Uri Geller (Uri Geller's official website)

Remember Uri Geller? The Israeli guy who lives in London, bends spoons and used to be BFF with Michael Jackson?

Apparently his son Daniel did not follow his father’s steps and chose a different (but perhaps equally tricky?) profession — lawyer. However, the younger Geller was not able to use his genetic powers to convince a New York judge to allow him to represent Anna Gristina, aka the “Scottish Madam,” who is accused of running a multi-million dollar brothel in Manhattan.

Gristina has already tried nine different lawyers, a move that left Judge Juan Merchan “unimpressed,” and apparently Merchan was also unimpressed by Geller’s lack of experience as an attorney in New York, so he decide to reject the appointment.

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