Shimon Peres uses own meme to congratulate Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan over the weekend, a status change that created a lot of buzz, positive and negative.

Among the greeters was Israeli President Shimon Peres, who wrote on his Facebook wall: “Dear Mark, when you created the Facebook social network, you gave millions of people the opportunity to share their lives with their friends, and indeed many of them found their true love from this.
When a couple stand under the Chuppah, we bless them with the words “Sameach TeSamach Re’im Ahuvim,”which means: May the loving couple be very happy, just as You made Your creation happy in the garden of Eden so long ago. I wish you and your wife Priscilla this same genuine happiness that connects love and friendship, that connects the intimate world and the social world, just as you have made with your creation.”

Peres added a special greeting via his very own wall meme, which says: “I wish u and Priscilla genuine happiness that connects love and friendship, mazal tov!”

Gotta hand it to Peres, even at 88 he’s doing social networking right.

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