Bar Refaeli on Conan: ‘Just give me your phone number, guys!’


Yeah another Bar Refaeli post. Well she’s the hottest woman on earth, according to Maxim Magazine.

You’ll be happy to know that the Israeli supermodel celebrated her triumphant position on the Maxim Hot 100 by visiting Conan O’Brien, and there she testified that she wasn’t completely naked in the Maxim photo, but rather had a thin underwear that was airbrushed out by “a very lucky nerd.”

Bar said that sadly, men don’t really hit on her. While Conan said he would be all over her if he was single, Bar said that once she was at a club playing with her Blackberry (you have a Blackberry, really?!), when a guy just gave her his number. Refaeli was in shock from how direct the guy was, but thought to herself that if she wasn’t taken, she “would have totally called him.”

You shouldn’t have said that, Bar. By the way, 212-643… Just Kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, Bar also told Conan how she likes men with nice teeth, and shared her underwear knowledge, and the girl knows her underwear.

Watch both parts here:

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