Barbra Streisand had an Israeli magician for her 70th birthday party


Suchard is the young one.

Israeli magician, mentalist and TV host Lior Suchard was invited to celebrate Babs’ 70th birthday,

According to an interview Suchard gave to Israeli entertainment mag “Pnai Plus” it was a pretty fun deal.

“I arrived at a Greek restaurant in Malibu, there were probably a hundred paparazzi photographers waiting outside but nobody recognized me which was fun.” Suchard added, “She didn’t know I was coming, even though she wanted me to, but her manager told her I couldn’t come.”

“So I come in and my eyes are moving from Steven Spielberg to John Travolta, to Pierce Brosnan, to Warren Beatty. She was so glad I came. I’ve known her for two weeks and she already told all of her friends about me,” Suchard says. “There’s a magic to it. This is a mythological woman to me. It’s not like meeting Seinfeld.”

Hey, it’s never too late to have a magician at your party, right?

(via Abbanibi)

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