Surfs up, Matisyahu!



A new YouTube video from late last week shows the Jewish rapper’s latest look – t-shirt, shades and blonde hair.

Matisyahu, who has been changing looks in a Lady Gaga-esque rate lately, stood next to songwriter and artist Allan Grigg, also known as “Kool Kojak” to promote Matisyahu’s new single “Sunshine” from his latest album “Spark Seeker.” In the video, Kojak is the one who rocks the beard a-la Zach Galifianakis whereas Matisyahu looks like a surfer dude from Huntington Beach.

The two sang “He’s staying for Shabbos.”

In an interview for Paste Magazine, Matisyahu said that much of the inspiration for “Spark Seeker” came from visits in Israel together with Kojak. The two ended up creating the album at a Tel Aviv studio (there is a track called “Tel Aviv’n”).

“This album has an emphasis on spirituality, as do many of my past records.” Matisyahu said, “It derives a lot of inspiration from Chassidut, Kabbalah, and my own process of the search for meaning. I guess it picks up where I left off. Splitting the sea, leaving slavery, journeying through the desert and entering the Promised Land.”

Watch the video here:

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