Andy Samberg: Kristen Wiig leaving ‘SNL’ is going to be ‘a huge loss’


Photo: MTV News

Andy Samberg talked to MTV News on Wednesday about his new movie “That’s My Boy,” but most attention went to the staff changes on “Saturday Night Live.”

Samberg talked about Kristen Wiig’s emotional departure and said it was “Real sad. We all love her so much. That crew has been working together for a while now so it was definitely very emotional. But very sweet and also very bittersweet.”

In addition he talked about the “SNL” without Wiig: “It’s going to be a huge loss. She’s one of the best that’s ever done it without a doubt. She’s also one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met and she’s a great friend.”

As for his future, while rumors of his departure are getting more concrete by the day, Samberg remains diplomatic: “Nothing’s decided yet. I’m not sure I can imagine [not being a part of it] yet or not. That was always my dream job so I feel really lucky to have worked there at all.”

I know we already said goodbye and paid a tribute to you, Andy, but we won’t be mad if you stay one more year!


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