Madonna used Nazi imagery in her Tel Aviv concert


Remember how we told you about Madonna’s spectacular show?

Well, we forgot to add that according to Oh No They Didn’t, “Madonna is seen looking like Adolf Hitler and sporting a swastika on her forehead.In addition to that, flags including the Iron Cross are seen waving around. The Iron Cross was a well known military decoration ofThe Third Reich.”
Wait, seriouslly?

The website also says that the fans “tried to shrug it off as yet another provocation” by the Queen of Pop.

Has Madonna gone too far? Comment with your response!

UPDATE: Apparently, some of the Nazi imagery was aimed at skewering Marine Le Pen, the leader of France ‘s far-right National Front. At least one of the flashing images showed Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead. Le Pen has threatened legal action is Madonna tries anything similar when she performs in France.

See the 1:32 mark in the following video:



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