Prosecutors drop charges in Brooklyn sex abuse case


(JTA) — Prosecutors dropped all charges against a group of men who were accused of sexually abusing a young Brooklyn haredi Orthodox woman for eight years.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges on Tuesday against four Crown Heights men accused of raping and forcing the woman to serve as a prostitute in their neighborhood since she was 13, according to reports. 

A Brooklyn judge dismissed the case after questions arose about prosecutors withholding evidence that suggested the men were not guilty. 

In addition, the accuser, who has a history of mental illness, apparently retracted her story in April, which caused the case to crumble. 

Following the dismissal of the charges, the father of the victim released a statement criticizing the district attorney’s decision. 

"Our family has the misfortune of living under the jurisdiction of the Brooklyn District Attorney, who regards the psychological confusion and fear my daughter experienced during her enslavement as proof that she sought out, enjoyed and deserved her victimization," the father said in a statement, according to the New York television station WPIX. 

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