Roseanne’s extreme troll-feeding anti-Chick-fil-A Twitter rant


The fried chicken giant Chick-fil-A has been under fire in the last few days. The food chain’s president, Dan Cathy, admitted that the company is supportive of “the biblical definition of the family unit,” and there for is anti-gay marriage. While the report didn’t necessarily come as a surprise to some, since it is a known fact that Chick-fil-A is a Christian company, and isn’t even open on Sundays, it was still very unusual to hear it from the head of a company, in a move that could (and probably will) affect his business.

In the days following the interview, Chick-fil-A lost business in Boston, Chicago, lost its relationship with the “Jim Hanson Foundation” and were even subject to ridicule over an allegedly major PR stunt that failed on Facebook.

Earlier today, actress Roseanne Barr, who is known for having a very active and uncensored Twitter account joined the anti-Chick-fil-A bandwagon, with a series of very explicit tweets, starting with this one:

After one of her followers responded, Roseanne admitted that she was under the influence when she posted the tweet:

But that was enough for some of her pro-Chick-fil-A, anti-Roseanne (or what she believes in) followers – because they began responding in masses to what she said. The Trolls (troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous and generally negative way). Now people who come across trolls usually stay away or ignore, but Roseanne did the exact opposite, she “fed” the trolls. With more people calling her crazy and saying they will pray for her, Roseanne just got more and more powerful.

This Tweet definitely upset many people:


And a lot of people were upset about the cancer comment, to which Roseanne replied (with much caring):

So after upsetting Chick-fil-A, people with cancer, anyone who is upset for the use of the word “Nazi” and grammar people who can’t stand bad spelling like yours truly, Roseanne had a special message to Christians:

In case anyone wondered how Israel connects to all hat, here’s your answer:

One woman from Israel summed Roseanne’s rants in a simple tweet, which was even retweeted by Roseanne herself:

Eventually Roseanne came to her senses and posted these tweets:


Does anyone remembers she wanted to run for president at one point?


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