Mitt Romney’s very Jewish world tour


From England to Poland, and points in between, Mitt Romney has had a very Jewish journey.

In London, on the first leg of his trip, in addition to raining on the Brits’ Olympic parade (as if they were having any trouble raining on their own parade), Romney met with the Jewish leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, Ed Milliband, and also found half an hour to chit-chat with Haaretz’s Ari Shavit.

Now, in Warsaw, on the third and final leg of his tour, Romney toured the site of the future Museum of the History of Polish Jews and met with some of its officials. (Incidentally, the museum’s leading American backer, philanthropist Tad Taube, is a Republican donor.)

Then, of course, there was that country in the middle leg of the trip, where, although he did not meet with the Jewish leader of the country’s opposition Labor Party as initially planned, he did meet with a few other Jews and even marked Tisha b’Av.

Not too shabby a Jewish itinerary.

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