Adam Yauch’s revealed will is his life in a nutshell


You won’t see him with an iPhone

It’s been a little over three months since Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch, better known as MCA, passed away at age 47 from salivary cancer. Yauch passed away only a few days after the Beastie Boys, the groundbreaking rap group he co-founded with rappers Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) and Mike D (Michael Diamond), was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If you ever wondered what is the next step for the remaining Beastie Boys, one thing is certain – it is not in advertisements. DNAinfo revealed Yauch’s will, which was filed Tuesday at the Manhattan Surrogate Court. His $6.4 million heritage will be placed “in a trust for his wife, Dechen Yauch, and their 13-year-old daughter. It also says Dechen has the right to sell and manage his artistic property.”

Under one condition though. In his will, Yauch instructed that “his image, music and any art he created could not be used for advertising,” so if you ever you ever thought you’ll see a commercial for a passenger spaceship with “Intergalactic” playing in the background, forget about it.

So far no comments were made by the Beastie Boys spokesperson regarding the other member honoring the request, however, the blog salutes MCA for keeping true to his beliefs- Yauch was always a devoted artist and stayed away from the mainstream. Here’s to you MCA for not being a sellout.


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