How much is being sued by Sheldon Adelson worth?


The National Jewish Democratic Council, as I noted last week, has been defiant in the face of Sheldon Adelson’s lawsuit. Now it’s trying to money off of it.

Here’s the text of NJDC’s email appeal, sent out today under the subject line “We won’t be silenced – we need your help”:


On August 8, billionaire conservative Sheldon Adelson sued us for $60 million for exercising our free speech rights and engaging in political speech. We will be blunt: We need you to stand with us — your help today is crucial to push back against the up to $100 million he has pledged to spend to support his conservative Republican cause. Please give right now.

We will not be bullied into submission, and we will not be silenced by power. In America, political speech regarding one of the most well-known public figures in our country is a fundamental right. Indeed, we feel it is both an American and a Jewish obligation to ask hard questions of powerful individuals like Mr.Adelson, just as it is incumbent upon us to praise his philanthropic endeavors.

Mr. Adelson has said that in addition to the millions he has already spent on behalf of Newt Gingrich and the GOP, he plans to spend $100 million or more in the next few months on behalf of his deeply conservative political cause – even as he tries to silence us. Your donation today will permit us to work to get the facts out to American Jews – the truth about why the Democratic Party is still the natural home for the Jewish community. 

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