Israeli backpack campaign features bomb squad pranking (VIDEO)


This Israeli online campaign for the New York backpack brand “Yak Pak” is pretty creative yet  controversial, since it touches a raw Israeli nerve – terrorism.

The video, which went viral earlier this month, features a bunch of teenagers who place cans of graffiti paint in a backpack and then leave it unattended at a bus station. Since Israel is the capital of “see something, say something,” it is only a few minutes before the bomb squad shows up. Say what you want, but when that “Short Circuit” bomb robot (I always wanted to control one of those) activates the controlled explosion of tons of paint, it actually looks pretty awesome.

The youtube info says that the entire video, including the police part, is completely fake, though that didn’t stop them from getting some internet hate over Facebook.

What do you think? Does the ad go too far?

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