Kristol touted Ryan, Senor will advise him


Bill Kristol, Politico notes, is having quite a run when it comes to successfully advocating for GOP vice presidential picks.

Politico’s Dylan Byers writes:


Once again, Bill Kristol gets his way — and once again, watch out.

For two consecutive presidential cycles now, the founding editor of the Weekly Standard has successfully led the conservative media drumbeat for a bold vice presidential pick: In 2008, he fervently supported and promoted Sarah Palin for months before the country even knew her name. In 2012, he urged Mitt Romney to “go for the gold” with Paul Ryan.

Separately, Politico reports that Dan Senor –  a Romney campaign foreign policy adviser and co-author of a book on Israel who was mentored by Kristol and garnered some headlines himself recently — will serve as Ryan’s senior adviser, helping with his convention speech and debate prep, among other things. According to Politico’s sources, Senor had already been tapped to advise the GOP’s vice presidential pick months before Ryan had been selected.

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