Watch adorable 11-year-old Mila Kunis in ‘Baywatch’


Cute: Mila Kunis was just nine years old when she played a schoolgirl called Annie in Baywatch in 1994

Mila Kunis turned 29 yesterday (Mazal Tov!) so we decided it’d be a great idea to show you some embarrassing artifacts from her past.

Apparently before Kunis was a famous voice and screen actress, a Dior model and generally a pretty awesome person, she debuted as an adorable 11-year old girl in the cult 90s lifeguard show “Baywatch” (h/t to the Daily Mail). In the episode “Aftershock,” which aired in 1994, Kunis portrayed young “Annie,” a smart girl who helps the courageous lifeguards save two boys in her group. We now know where she got the courage to actually save a person’s life, which she did in May when a worker in her house choked and recovered with Kunis’ help.

Here is the video, Kunis’ first appearance is at the 3:30 mark, but I’m sure you have time to watch all the lifeguards before jumping forward 😉

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