Tel Aviv now offers boutique restrooms, because of course (VIDEO)


Here’s a dilemma: You’re in the center of Tel Aviv, next to the Carmel Market and its ever-so dirty side streets, and you have to go to the bathroom, would you:
A. Look for a free public restrooms and take the risk that their appearance may resemble a scene from “Alien.” Or
B. Pay 3 Shekels (equivalent to $.75) and do your thing in a clean and somewhat hygienic restroom.

Now before you laugh at option B, and start the process of covering everything around in toilet paper using the tips of your fingers, what if the pay restrooms were actually boutique, with themed stalls, special soaps and music to set the mood?

Because it exists. In Tel Aviv. Seriously. It’s called “2theLoo” and it’s so ridiculous but very nice, and is apparently a growing European trend (of course it is). In case you are wondering, it is not open your Saturdays, so back to gross public restrooms you go!

Honestly, with current apartment prices in Tel Aviv I am surprised people don’t just move there, beats most places I’ve been to.

Take a look at the Jewish News One video:

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