RJC has a positive take on Ron Paul’s convention footprint


The National Jewish Democratic Council is bashing the GOP for including a video tribute to Rep. Ron Paul at its convention in light of his views on Israel. But the Republican Jewish Coalition portrays the issue of Paul’s convention footprint in a more positive light.

Talking Points Memo, in an article looking at potential fallout from Israel supporters regarding the video tribute, reports:


The Republican Jewish Coalition barred Paul from a candidate forum last year, citing his “misguided and extreme views.” But the RJC seemed reluctant to even acknowledge Paul’s inclusion.

“We are pleased that Ron Paul was denied any formal speaking role at the convention and that the RNC has worked so that his name will not even be put in nomination,” RJC executive director Matt Brooks told TPM in a statement. “This reflects the broad consensus that Ron Paul and his views are outside of the mainstream of the Republican Party.”

While Paul is not addressing the convention, his son was given a prime speaking slot. Like his father, Sen. Rand Paul is opposed to all foreign aid — including to Israel — and advocates pretty isolationist foreign policy positions. But in contrast to his dad — who at times has been rhetorically quite harsh toward the Jewish state — the Kentucky senator has tried to sound more Israel-friendly notes.

The RJC has hammered Democrats for letting President Jimmy Carter speak at their convention.

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