Mayim Bialik: car accident ‘reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose’


Mayim Bialik’s car accident almost cost her her thumb and a few other fingers. In a recent interview with “Access Hollywood,” the Emmy-nominated “Big Bang Theory” star shared her thoughts and feelings during and after her sever injury.

Bialik admitted that at the minute of impact her first instinct was to get out of the car, fearing it may burst in flames (citing many Danzel Washington movies she had in her thoughts while everything was happening) and that she thought of her kids, “I remember I thought, I’m a mom, this is not happening. I have kids waiting for me. It’s my son’s birthday – and it was. That was my first thought.”

In addition, Bialik used an interesting method to handle the pain, instead of pain killers, she practices “a lot of deep breathing, everything I used for natural labor, I absolutely used at the scene of this accident.”

Bialik concluded saying “really reaffirmed my faith in pain with a purpose and the meditative properties, the ability to lower your blood pressure, which women do in labor. It absolutely is what I used to get me through all stages of this.”

The accident did not affect the filming of the 6th season of “Big Bang Theory,” as Bialik’s hand is being hidden from the camera during the shooting.

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