Bend the Arc: Why all the fuss about Jerusalem?


Why was everyone talking about Jerusalem? That’s what Bend the Arc — the group formed from the merger of Jewish Funds for Justice and the Progressive Jewish Alliance — wants to know.

The domestic-focused liberal group is annoyed at all the attention being paid to the Democratic platform’s omission of its traditional affirmation of Jerusalem  as Israel’s capital.

Alan van Capelle, CEO of Bend the Arc, sent me the following statement in the wee hours of Wednesday morning:


How is it that on the night the first lady speaks about creating opportunity for all Americans there are those in the Jewish community and media fomenting a partisan debate over the nuances of a staunchly pro Israel platform when we should be discussing how to invest in education, helping the least fortunate among us, expanding marriage equality and ensuring all Americans pay their fair share in taxes.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bend the Arc co-sponsored a panel disussion in Charlotte with the dovish Israel group J Street, a key message of which was that most Jews don’t vote based on Israel.

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