Hip Hop artist Rick Ross invites all to “Black Bar Mitvah,” Shyne Doesn’t Attend


Everyone wants a Bar Mitzvah, even hip hop artists. Which might be the reason why American rapper Rick Ross pledged his allegiance to the Jewish people earlier this week by releasing his highly anticipated and semi-controversial mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah.

On the cover of Rozay’s new album features a photo of himself embedded in a Star of David and the album includes featured collaborations with other hiphop artists including Pharrell, Diddy, and everyone’s favorite Jewish artist, Drake.

Although Ross has not elaborated on himself being a Jew, he alludes to the album having a common theme of the Jewish stereotype of money and wealth in the album’s intro.

“Don’t put me on Forbes no more, my n*gga. If I’m not next to the Maloufs, or Tony Wynn, or them n*ggas that own Vegas. Don’t put me next to these lil’ broke n*ggas, n*gga. F*ck n*ggas happy with 10 million, my boat was 12 million n*gga,” Ross says during the album’s intro. “Black Bar Mitzvah, Black Hebrews, all my Jewish partners, all my business endeavors. Open your minds. We gettin’ mo money, we owners now. Follow the code, we on the road to riches. P*ssy n*ggas gotta wave now, when I look in they direction they gotta wave now. I love it!”

However, this bar mitzvah isn’t quite getting the greetings of L’Chaims Rozay hoped it would: the album is rubbing many artists the wrong way, including hiphop artist and Orthodox Jew, Shyne.

“I ain’t mad. Its just, I think he’s corny,” Shyne told MTV News in a huff. “I have no respect for what he represents, for who he is, let’s just start with that.”

“The Black Bar Mitzvah, to me, you’re on me, you’re obsessed with everything Shyne,” Shyne went on. “All of a sudden, you running with the Star of David and dudes is Jewish now all of a sudden?”

No sweat, Shyne, there’s room for many Jewish hiphop artists, no need to get territorial on us!

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