Video assailing Obama’s Israel record surpasses 2 million views


Jews and Jewish issues are burning up the presidential campaign viral video charts.

The Jewish Council for Education and Research, a pro-Obama group, has had a pair of viral hits. There was “Wake the F**k Up,” which featured actor Samuel L. Jackson and assailed Romney’s domestic policy agenda. It has been viewed millions of times (on various web pages). One recent week it was the most viewed online presidential ad. The runner up that week was an earlier video from JCER, featuring comedian Sarah Silverman slamming voter ID laws, which has also soared above the two million mark.

From the other side of the political divide, a video assailing President Obama’s Israel policies has also topped the 2 million mark.

That video, a 19-minute mini-documentary titled “Absolutely Uncertain, was produced by a conservative group called Right Change. Released on Sept. 26, it is narrated by a 23-year-old Jewish New Yorker who says she had supported President Obama in 2008 but no longer believes that he is a friend to Israel.


Incidentally, the Republican Jewish Coalition released its own 9-minute mini-documentary, “Perilous Times,” hammering President Obama on Israel. The RJC video has much in common with “Absolutely Uncertain,” including footage of prominent Democrats (all Obama supporters) criticizing the president’s approach to Israel. But the RJC’s video has received only a little more than 120,000 views on its You Tube page — a small fraction of the number of views garnered by “Absolutely Uncertain.”

“Absolutely Uncertain” actually throws the president a bone, acknowledging that U.S. security assistance to Israel has continued to be strong. But beyond that, the video paints Obama as not much of a friend to the Jewish state. (The video cites widely reported remarks, purportedly uttered by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren — but which he has denied making — suggesting that U.S.-Israel ties were facing their worst crisis in 35 years.)

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