Adelson: Don’t take Obama at his word on Israel


In a New York Times Op-Ed, Israeli-American media mogul Haim Saban wrote: “Americans who support Israel should take the president at his word.”

Now, in an Op-Ed for, anti-Obama casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson quotes Saban and counters that the president is not to be trusted on Israel.

Adelson writes that Obama “has signaled a lack of sympathy — or even outright hostility — toward Israel.” His evidence: Obama caught-on-tape remarks to then French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggesting a shared dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the fact that Obama did not meet with Netanyahu on his recent U.S. visit.

And Adelson suggests that Obama’s orientation toward Israel is deeply rooted:


Think about Obama’s anti-Israel friends and mentors—radicals like Rashid Khalidi, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, or the late Edward Said, the virulently anti-Israel professor under whom Obama studied. Has he made anti-Israel promises to them? Is Obama’s campaign rhetoric in support of Israel only creating “space” till after the election?

Politico notes: “Mitt Romney and other Republicans have called Obama’s pastor off-limits, but it’s an issue that some of the candidate’s supporters, including in the donor class, believe John McCain was wrong to keep off the table in 2008.”

The Adelson Op-Ed includes the following editor’s note: "Sheldon Adelson owns Israel Hayom, the largest-circulation daily newspaper in Israel. is the U.S. distributor for Israel Hayom’s English-language content. This op-ed was written exclusively for"

The news service also published a pro-Obama Op-Ed from three rabbis.

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