An adorable baby tapir born at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari


Passiflora and her newborn Pinhas

This is quickly becoming our favorite segment – new baby animals that are born at Israel’s Ramat Gan Safari (near Tel Aviv).

This time – a South American tapir (“a large browsing mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile snout”) under the name Pinhas, who was born in the Israeli Ramat Gan Safari earlier this week. Pinhas weighd about 9 lbs when his mother Passiflora (Hebrew for Passion Fruit) gave birth to him, while his father Meir had to be removed to ensure the newborn’s safety.

Last year, Passiflora gave birth to Pinhas’ older sister Papaya (it’s a tradition to name the newborn in a name that starts with the first letter of the mother) after a 13-month pregnancy.

The South American tapirs are considered endangered, which makes the celebration for Pinhas’ birth even bigger, since his mother can give birth frequently. The baby tapirs are born with yellow stripes, and after six months they get their brown fur.

Enjoy some adorable photos and a video.

Passiflora is being petted so she can lay on her side, allowing her to nurse Pinhas.


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