NJDC’s presidential quiz: Domestic differences, Mideast similarities


The National Jewish Democratic Council has launched a new website featuring a 10-question "Jewish voter" quiz that contrasts the two presidential candidates.

The quiz poses eight questions on domestic issues on which there are differences between the two candidates — from health care, tax policy, same-sex marriage, abortion, immigration, etc..

The quiz concludes with two questions on Middle East policy, asking whether one agrees that "America and Israel should have an unbreakable bond, and the unprecedented level of security cooperation between our two countries should continue" and that "To prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, there must be very strong sanctions, and no options — including military action — should be taken off the table."

If you answer these two questions in the affirmative, the quiz results page tallies your results as agreement with both President Obama and Mitt Romney on those two points.

So basically, the NJDC’s quiz is trying to make the case to liberal-leaning, pro-Israel Jewish voters that Obama is preferable to Romney on domestic policy and the same as him on Israel and Iran.


Obviously the quiz selects the domestic issues that the NJDC thinks will appeal to Jewish voters and frames the questions in ways that it thinks will reflect favorably on the president’s positions. But to its credit, many of the questions are worded in a pretty straightforward manner, and those respondents who disagree with the president on all the domestic issues are told at the end: "You strongly agree with Romney!"

Earlier in the week, NJDC launched another website taking aim at Romney over investments in companies that do business with Iran, as well as a video highlighting with former Obama Mideast aide Dennis Ross highlighting what he calls the president’s "unprecedented" support for Israel.

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