Poll: Obama has 67 percent of Jewish vote to 29 percent for Romney


The final Washington Post-ABC tracking poll is out, and this one breaks down the results by religion and includes Jews as a discrete group in its findings.

The poll found that 67 percent of Jewish likely voters are supporting Obama and 29 percent are backing Romney. The results are fairly similar to what we’ve seen from other polls of Jewish voters but with a slightly higher level of support for Romney.

The polling was conducted over the past 18 days. It found the two candidates in a dead heat among likely voters, tied at 48 percent each. (Over the past four nights alone, Obama had a 50-47 percent lead over Romney — still roughly at the survey’s margin of error.)

One important caveat about the Jewish findings: I can’t find any information on exactly how many Jews the poll surveyed. There were 6,818 likely voters surveyed in total; if the Jewish share is 2 percent, that’s not a very large Jewish sample. (UPDATE: I should stress that with a small sample for the Jewish vote, the margin of error would be quite large.)


Majorities of white Catholics, white evangelicals and white mainline Protestants are all going for Romney. However, people with no religion are breaking for Obama over Romney by an even larger margin than Jews — 73 percent to 23 percent.

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