Eight for Nate (Silver): Dude, we need some new algorithms
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Eight for Nate (Silver): Dude, we need some new algorithms

Now that Nate Silver (or, more to the point, his system for aggregating the polls) has proven to be king of all Election Day prognosticators, could we get him to come up with algorithms to answer some more pressing questions:

  • Is there any chance Star Wars Episode VII won’t suck?
  • Will they get the lights back on in “Revolution” before the show is cancelled?
  • Will Sheldon Adelson’s investment in Birthright pay off better than his bets on Gingrich & Romney?
  • Can Obama and Netanyahu put their frenemies stage to rest in time for Valentine’s Day? How about by decision day on Iran?
  • What’s more likely: Avigdor Liberman gets indicted or becomes prime minister? (Or both?)
  • Is Matisyahu ever going to grow back his beard?
  • How much of Obama’s drop in Jewish support is attributable to people deciding that Sarah Silverman jumped the shark with her Sheldon Adelson video?
  • Will JTA’s new office ever be ready?

OK, OK. Eight is enough.