Liev Schreiber plays a Hasidic cop in a new movie


Hollywood smiles: The usually serious Liev Schrieber and Vanessa Paradis both cracked smiles on the Brooklyn set of their new comedy, Fading Gigolo, on Monday

Interesting sites seen at the Brooklyn set of the upcoming John Turturro film “Fading Gigalo,” as actor Liev Schrieber (“Scream,” X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) and singer/actress Vanessa Paradis were dressed as kosher Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn.

In fact, Schreiber was wearing the Shomrim uniforms, a licensed neighbourhood watch for Hasidic Jewish communities in Brooklyn, as Paradis was wearing a sheitel and dress.

The world of orthodox Judaism is not foreign to Schreiber, whose mother was born into a Brooklyn household of Jewish Communist immigrants. Paradis, who recently split from Johnny Depp, is Catholic.

“Fading Gigalo” tells the story of Fioravante (Turturro) plays a man with “considerable money problems, who decides to get rid of his money problems by becoming a gigolo. With his best friend (Woody Allen) acting as his pimp, he takes aim at the female part of the Hasidic Jewish community (where Schreiber and Paradis are introduced).

The film also features Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone and is set to hit the screens next year.

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