Andy Cohen describes ‘One Direction’ as gay, apologizes


It’s uncertain what Bravo TV executive and television host Andy Cohen was thinking to himself, when he appeared on the today show immidiately after the popular British-Irish boyband “One Direction” and said:

“This morning, I went into the normal green room that we typically go into. I barged in, there are all these people in front of us. Oh, it’s all the leftover One Direction fans. I barged right into a room of twinks: One Direction! Security was not exactly too tight, with all due respect. I barged right in. It was crazy!”

The word “twink” is a slang for a young, feminine looking homosexual male, and is borderline offensive.

He also tweeted his thoughts:

As expected, Cohen received a lot of heat on Twitter, mostly by the “One Direction” faithful – the “Directioners.”

It took Cohen five hours to apologize and say:

It seems like the band took it in good spirits, since their spokesperson told EntertainmenWise:  “I don’t think the term ‘Twink’ is offensive – it just means attractive!”


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