Obama wants more Wasserman Schultz at DNC


President Obama reportedly wants Debbie Wasserman Schultz to continue at the helm of the Democratic Party.

Politico reports that Obama is going to ask the Democratic National Committee to extend the Florida congresswoman’s tenure as the party’s chairwoman.


Wasserman Schultz had been on the front-lines of this year’s election fight, and was frequently on the hot seat. At times she seemed to struggle, clinging stubbornly to talking points during TV interviews. She also was the target of GOP attacks, which occasionally got surprisingly personal (as when Mike Huckabee ridiculed the sound of her voice in his speech to the Republican National Convention).

But it’s hard to argue with success. As an unnamed senior Democratic official told Politico, Democrats held onto the White House, expanded their Senate majority and gained House seats during her tenure at the DNC.

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