Emanuel should focus on Chicago


To the Editor:

As a Chicago resident, I have a suggestion for Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Focus on issues in our city.

Crime in Chicago is out of control. Fight the exponential growing crime rates in the city that will affect us later on by reducing tourism and business. Reduce taxes or come up with a plan to make the city more competitive to residents, as people are leaving. Do something about corporate taxes and unions, as our unemployment is surging and companies are leaving.

So let’s prioritize the action plan, and after these issues are attended to, let’s then discuss growth opportunities and making Chicago a great city, not only good. Then, if you still have the energy and drive, go ahead and do international politics, as I understand it is part of your political blueprint for 2016 and beyond.

You wanted to become mayor, you ran for it and we voted for you. Therefore, let me end with a gentle reminder: Stick to your day job!

Mona Pearl
Chicago, Ill.

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