Zach Braff and Mitt Romney are sort-of brothers


New discoveries in our Jewish family tree- there’s nothing quite like it, especially when a long-lost branch reaches former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Zach Braff, the Jewish star best known from the film “Garden State” and the TV show “Scrubs” recently found out he’s related to the governor of Massachusetts through a common ancestor who was an accused witch in the 17th century, MSN reports.

“It’s very bizarre because believe it or not, I thought it was another prank on the Internet because I’ve been killed off on the Internet, I came out of the closet on the Internet, a lot of things have happened to me on the web and I start getting wind that I was related to Mitt Romney through a witch!” Braff said during an appearance on “Rove L.A.” Saturday.

“That sounds like a joke, but this genealogist, who I guess has way too much time on his hands, went and tracked my mother’s maiden name and figured out she grew up in Rhode Island and discovered that Mitt Romney and I are related through the very last woman who was killed through the Salem witch trials,” he went on. “And I thought it was like, a tabloid thing, [but] it was a reputable genealogy journal, so yeah, Mitt and I are related through a witch!”

We’re not quite sure what this means for the tribe, but Braff would certainly be an interesting edition to the Romney family portrait…

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