From White House holiday party to Hanukkah wedding, all roads lead to ‘Gangnam Style’
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From White House holiday party to Hanukkah wedding, all roads lead to ‘Gangnam Style’

At Tiferes Rivka wedding hall in Brooklyn, N.Y., Eli Leno and Sori Schlafrig celebrated their wedding on the second night of Chanukah with a special musical tribute: a parody of the chart-topping single "Gangnam Style."  

The video was posted to YouTube under the title ""Hasidic Jews going Gangnam style," although a quick visual scan seems to indicate that not everyone in attendance is Hasidic.

The parody was produced by Tuli Brill and Avrumy Kalisch, who have previously collaborated on other wedding parodies for Orthodox friends. A full version of the parody, which replaces the refrain "Hey Sexy Lady" with "Hey Suri Eli" was also posted to YouTube and circulated on Kalisch and Brill’s Twitter accounts. (For the "name that tune" fans out there, the intro to the full version is a reworded version of Akon and Lonely Island’s "I Just Had Sex," a song that we’ve seen parodied in modern Orthodox circles.)

Meanwhile, at the White House holiday party Sunday night, Korean superstar Psy, progenitor all things "Gangnam Style," took his act to Washington: 

President Obama shared a holiday handshake with Psy at a “Christmas in Washington” concert Sunday night, despite the raging controversy over violent anti-American lyrics in the Korean pop singer’s past.

Wearing a red sequined top, Psy smiled as he shook hands with the president after performing his viral megahit “Gangnam Style” flanked by dancers wearing reindeer antlers.

From Brooklyn Jewry to the White House in a single day?

I, for one, welcome our new Hellenizing K-Pop overlords.