Help Israel’s ally Palau


To the Editor:

On Nov. 29, in opposition to Israel’s position, 138 countries voted to grant Palestine non-member observer state status in the United Nations. Forty-one countries abstained and only nine fearlessly stood with Israel. One of the nine was Palau, a nation of only 21,000 people spread out over 250 islands throughout the Pacific. Palau and Israel maintain strong relations, and Palau has proven to be one of Israel’s staunchest allies in the U.N.

A few days after the U.N. vote, Palau (and the Philippines) was hit by super-typhoon Bopha. Initial reports seem to indicate about 100 homes lost and hundreds homeless. Other public facilities and infrastructure were damaged, too. Palau has declared a state of emergency, and rebuilding will likely take months and cost tens of millions of dollars.

This is an opportunity for supporters of Israel throughout the world to reciprocate support. Palau has stood with Israel during times of need, and now Palau, one of the world’s smallest countries, needs our help.

Howard Handler
Chicago, Ill.

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