Honest about dreidel record


To the Editor:

Pursuant to the updated article you wrote concerning the dreidel spinoff at Binghamton University, I am writing to clarify exactly what occurred.

The Associated Press article was published 20 minutes after the event. We were contacted by AP immediately after the event and gave its reporter all the information we had — that we had enough participants to break the record and would submit all of the necessary information to the world Guinness offices. While it appeared that we had broken the record, at no point did we make that claim.

Later that evening, after the the reports of the stewards (students that were appointed for this propose ) who were charged with recording the proceedings had all been reviewed, we were contacted by Pipe Dream and told its reporter that approximately 40 dreidels had not spun the requisite 10 seconds. For this reason we had not in fact broken the record.

Your article wrongfully implies that we were engaged in some kind of duplicitous behavior when in fact we were scrupulously honest throughout.

Rabbi Levi Slonim
Director, Programming and Development
Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life
Binghamton University

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