In Newtown tragedy, Jewishness doesn’t matter


To the Editor:

Regarding your article titled "Jewish 6-year-old Noah Pozner youngest of Newtown shooting victims," it seems callous to bring religion into this. This has nothing to do with religion, yet you’ve found a way to insert it into this emotionally complicated tragedy. There’s no need to highlight any characteristic of the victims. There’s no need to use this as a publicity opportunity to promote your own opinions or beliefs. Do you feel more compassion for this victim than the others based on his religion, ethnicity or background? Do you think others will?

I suppose the answer to at least one of those questions is yes, and this is as sad to me as the tragedy itself. This is a time to drop all personal beliefs and put our differences aside. It’s a time to connect, not divide. It’s a time to put our egos aside and think about what we can do for others.

I’m Jewish. I’m proud of my heritage. This is in no way a negative reaction to your support of Judiasm; I support it as well. Although I don’t feel much connection to the religious beliefs, I am deeply connected to my Jewish roots and its heritage. But I feel just as deeply that this is a time to leave our differences aside and simply love each other.

Love is the answer to this entire tragedy. It’s a topic that would take us further than any talks of gun laws, religion or creative ways to punish future offenders. There’s simply not enough love.

Jon Brown
West Hollywood, Calif.

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