Access for all to Israel’s holy sites


To the Editor:

We American Jews, the majority of which are not Orthodox, have a great affinity for Israel, and it is not just the sense of justice that brings the deep support that Israel receives from the U.S. government. The security, vitality and pride in a vibrant Israel is a core value of American Jews that at times seems to be taken for granted.

The Jewish community in America that makes known its concern for Israel to the U.S. government is largely defined by religious affiliation and for the most part is composed by those who believe in egalitarian worship.

Israel cannot/should not sanction one ritual over another. To extend, enhance and strengthen the emotional and spiritual attachment to Israel of Jews who worship as an egalitarian minyan, give us access to our holy sites. Do not take the Torah out of our hands or the tallit off our shoulders, and do not alienate those who deserve full access to all things Jewish.

The state that funds the religious authority that exercises the controls must partner in the continued struggle for the continuity of our people and the maintenance of support for Israel.

Michael Price
Chester, Conn.

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