Left is clueless on gun control


To the Editor:

The Ron Kampeas article about the horrors that occurred in Newtown, Conn., said that "Jewish groups" were weighing in on the event by calling for more gun control. The piece then referred to a Reform rabbi and B’nai B’rith. I am embarrassed when the term "Jewish" is substituted for what is really meant — "progressive/leftist."

Not one proposal by the anti-gun left would have stopped Lanza from committing his evil. Dennis Prager has written one of his typically wise pieces on the tragedy and correctly points out the left’s inability to see evil, so they blame the gun used to commit heinous acts, not the evil-doer. Have any of these so-called "Jews" ever seen an Israeli teacher? Most, if not all, of them carry weapons because they understand the presence of evil so close to them. It is sad that the Jewish left is as clueless as its non-Jewish brothers and sisters.

Richard Fishman
Los Angeles, Calif.

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