Confirmed: Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning


A second inquest into the death of Jewish musician Amy Winehouse confirmed today that the 27-year-old English star died of accidental alcohol poisoning.

Coroner Shirley Radcliffe said the celebrity’s tragic end occurred from “alcohol toxicity” and was a “death by misadventure,”confirming initial reports from October 2011 of a first coroner who was later found to be untenable, the Associated Press reports.

Radcliffe confirmed the death was accidental, and that there were no suspicious circumstances to look to. She said a post-mortem examination on Winehouse found her blood alcohol level to be five times the amount to legally drive– a level that proved to be fatal because a person could “fall asleep and not wake up.”

Winehouse attracted global recognition for her 2006 album, “Back to Black,” which won five Grammies, but frequent health problems and unpredictable behavior as a celebrity led the gossip world to portray her as a train wreck rather than a musical talent.

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