Drew Barrymore: ‘My daughter will be raised traditionally Jewish’


Drew Barrymore stopped by “The View” on Friday to discuss marriage and motherhood, and how Jewy her five-month-old daughter, Olive, will be.

Barrymore testified that although she “hasn’t converted yet,” she and her husband were planning to raise their baby “traditionally Jewish.”

Barrymore married art dealer Will Kopelman (son of Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman) seven months ago in “a very traditional wedding ceremony,” as she put it, “with Rabbi Rubinstein (Kopelman’s rabbi), and I did the ketubah, and we wore the yarmulke and were under the chuppah!”

Barrymore also described her hubby as a  “nice Jewish man” from a “nice Jewish family”– score for her!– while referring to herself as a “shiksa.”

As for her view of Judaism, Barrymore said, “I’m there, I love it. It’s a beautiful faith and I am so honored to be around to, its so family-oriented and beautiful and I learn so much and the stories are beautiful, it’s incredibly enlightening i’m really happy.”

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