Mayor Bloomberg denies making sexist comments


“Look at that ass on her.”

“I’d do her.”

The above comments were alleged to come from the mouth of New York Jewish mayor, Michael Bloomberg– comments which surfaced after New York Magazine ran their cover story on governor candidate Christine Quinn, and comments which he is denying.

“I never said it and I don’t know where it came from, next question,” the mayor said after the Observer asked him about the comments at a press conference today.

When the reporter continued to push the issue, asking whether there was a pattern of sexist remarks, Bloomberg responded by saying, “OK, you can write anything you want… don’t be ridiculous, that’s an outrage for you to say that.”

Quinn elaborates on Bloomberg’s possible sexists remarks through the New York Magazine article, noting that the mayor “likes me in high heels” and teases her on the color of her hair.

“When we have conversations we joke about it, there’s nothing wrong with that,” said Bloomberg, when another reporter at a press conference Thursday asked him about Quinn’s anecdotes.  “Chris Quinn is someone who’s really done a lot for this city. I’ve been a big supporter of hers, as you know, and I think that she represents this city very well.”


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