Benjamin Netanyahu changes his Facebook profile pic for Doppelganger Week


You may have noticed that some of your Facebook friends changed their profile picture to a celebrity lookalike.

That’s because it is apparently the third annual Facebook Doppelganger Week, which happens every first week of February, and allows everyone to think very highly of themselves by putting up photos of people who are significantly more attractive than them.

This year, a new person joined the celebration – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who uploaded a profile and cover photo of his celebrity imitation, Mariano Idelman of satire show “A Wonderful Country.” A few weeks ago, the New York Times even posted a photo of Idelman instead of Netanyahu in one of their iPad articles.

This is may be a funny gesture by the Israeli PM, but it kinda feels like what happens when parents think they’re funny and join young people’s jokes. In other word, did Netanyahu just ruined Doppelganger Week? Either way, the photo is hilarious.

BIBI screenshot fintzy fb

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