The Jewish ads of Super Bowl XLVII


Last night’s thrilling Super Bowl didn’t exactly feature anything Jewish (unless you count the third quarter blackout as a homage to the Plague of Darkness), but there was a pretty respectable presence of Jews and Israelis throughout the night, and in case you actually went to the bathroom during commercial breaks (who does that? that’s what the game is for), here they are:

1. Bar Refaeli kissing a nerd for GoDaddy

A lot was said about this commercial, titled “Perfect Match” for domain company GoDaddy. The lucky nerd is Jesse Heiman, better known for his roles in “American Pie 2″ and “Old School.” It took Heiman and Israeli supermodel Refaeli 45 times until they got the kiss right.

2. Bernie Goldblatt is the king of the elderly for Taco Bell

When the lights are out at The Glencobrooke Retirement Home, Bernie Goldblatt and his elderly amigos sneak out and tear the city apart, with a hilarious Spanish version of “We Are Young” by “fun.” And like every crazy night, it has to end with people passed out outside the Taco Bell. We salute you, Bernie Goldblatt!


3. SodaStream’s buzzing with unaired ad

The successful Israeli homemade soda company was set to air two ads during the Super Bowl. The premise was that with each use of the soda stream machine, soda bottles somewhere explode (because their use is saved). The ad that was supposed to be aired, was directly mocking Coca-Cola and Pepsi, major sponsors of the Super Bowl, so CBS decided to pull the ad.

Instead, they aired an old commercial, which by the way was banned in the UK because it “denigrated the bottled drinks market.”

4. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen tease each other for Samsung

One of the ads that had a YouTube preview, this is pretty much a reenactment of the “You know how I know you’re gay?” sessions from “40 Year Old Virgin,” minus the gay jokes.


5. Gal Gadot for “Fast and Furious 6”

Yes, there is a sixth “Fast and Furious” film. It features pretty much everything we saw (or didn’t) in the first five, plus more explosions, airplanes, and Israeli actress Gal Gadot.


6. James Franco is “Oz the Great and Powerful”

A “Wizard of Oz” prequel featuring James Franco and Mila Kunis

7. J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek Into Darkness”


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