Israel, the U.S and bizarro worlds


This Saturday Night Live sketch on the Chuck Hagel hearings was dropped from the show — you can see why, it doesn’t get major studio audience laughs.

The joke generating Twitter-buzz is the one about imagining Bibi imagining Hagel and a donkey.

But for my money, the funniest line belongs to "Lindsey Graham," imagining a "bizarro universe" in which Israeli and American interests are not aligned. After exhausting the cliches (green skies, blue grass) he stretches and stretches until he hits on a world in which schoolbuses, instead of taking kids to school, "take parents away from school."

Speaking of bizarro, Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday berated Barack Obama for … talking to Benjamin Netanyahu. Not just for talking to Netanyahu, but for being solicitous toward him.

Kristol accuses Obama of "checking out" Sept. 11, the day of the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi:

So basically, the president seems to have checked out. He spent an hour that evening on the phone with the Israeli prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu, because there has been that flap about Israel at the Democratic Convention the week before, and I think he wanted for political reasons to show that he was in touch with the Israelis. They did a readout of that call, the National Security Council spokesman did. So they’re busy talking to the Israeli prime minister, doing the readout of the call for the press, and he is not talking to Panetta and, insofar as we — and Donilon, apparently, is not talking to Panetta. And it is really, I think, a dereliction of duty on the part of the president and his senior staff, and I think they should be asked about it. 

So wait, what was the point of that extended preelection ad by Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel about Obama not making time for … Israel? And Netanyahu?

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