Billy on the Street plays “Whistleblow that Jew” with Rashida Jones


Rashida Jones was the latest victim of Billy Eichner, who stars in the Fuse’s Funny or Die show, “Billy on the Street,” where Billy stops pedestrians and asks them bizarre questions at an incredibly fast pace.

Jones played “Whistleblow that Jew” with Billy this episode, where he read her a list of Jewish names of celebrities, and she had to guess if they are actual Jewish names. She must respond “not that name” if the name is real of “full of shame” if its an actual Jewish name.

Billy goes onto reveal some hilarious names of Jewish celebrities– Paula Abdul as Rachel Ben Hannukah, Shiah Labeouf as Brisket Blouseman, Kelly Clarkson as Kelly Gross Biteman, to name a few– and Jones got most of them right, which won her a plunger.



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