Sami Rahamim joins Obama gun control effort


Sami Rahamim, one of four Jews out of 20 victims of gun violence present at the State of the Union address, just posted his story at

 He finishes with the "deserve a vote" pitch that was the most noticed part of Obama’s speech.

Below the jump is Rahamim’s email, distribiuted by the president’s campaign:


My dad, Reuven Rahamim, was killed this past September in a mass shooting.

I was 17 years old, one of 15 children who lost a parent that day.

I’m honoring his memory — and those of many others who have fallen — by doing something about gun violence.

Whether you’ve been personally affected by gun violence or not, you need to be part of this fight, too. Share your story: Why are you in this?

Since my dad’s death, I’ve learned that my family’s experience is not as uncommon as one might expect.

The statistics are horrifying: 12,000 Americans are murdered with guns every year. But the true toll of gun violence is borne by the tens of thousands of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and wounded survivors left behind.

When I think of the number of lives that could have been saved by universal background checks or better access to mental health services, I simply don’t understand why Congress doesn’t act right away.

So join me in speaking out. Our stories from all across the country will reaffirm the all-too-real consequences of this unending violence and the need for sensible solutions. Share why you support legislation to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands:

I know my dad is watching right now as I fight alongside many other Americans for common-sense legislation.

He deserves a vote. We all deserve a vote.

Now is the time.



Sami Rahamim
Minneapolis, MN

P.S. — You can see my story right here. Please add your own.

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